Microsoft Web Platform Installer: a foolproof local web server with applications to be used in a few clicks

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Do you create web applications based on PHP or ASP.NET and do you need to test and modify them on your local computer before you launch them in the web environment? There are several solutions; one of the easiest ones is to use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer application. Don't be afraid, it does not offer solely MS technologies.

Web operating systems: are they usable already?

It seems that the Internet connection is almost anywhere and its speed is good enough. So we can work with online applications in very comfortable way. Web applications have many pros. The main is that they are available from anywhere; you need only a computer and web browser. There is a very interested idea - I mean several projects I called web operating systems.

CSS stylesheets for tables

Setting up the appearance of tables on the website is often the most unpleasant part of the webdesigner’s work. I will be not far from the truth when say that most designers prepare only basic CSS for tables a forgot on the rest. I also don’t remember on I ever saw a graphic design in Photoshop, which would somehow foresaw the display tables.
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