Equation editor online? With Google Docs

Equation editor online? With Google Docs.
The possibility of computer-aided creation of mathematical, statistical, geometrical and other equations and formulas is still virtually unknown among many students and other users. It is a pity, since the computer will gladly help you with the job - either using one of the desktop applications (Word, Writer) or directly on the web: in Google Docs.

Google Wave introduction

Google Wave introduction
Google, it has long been not a word that is synonymous with the flagship search engine. But also for a wide range of ever-expanding services. Some of them are even so good that I do visit them from my mobile hand held Now you have some time to talk about other forthcoming services. It bears the name Google Wave.

How to build a contact form with Google Talk

Do you know Google? Yes, stupid question. Do you know Google Talk? I thinks many of you know this instant messenger, however I don’t know how many of you use it daily. But if you are Google fans, you can build a contact form on your website using the Google Talk code.

GChart and Google Chart API: easy solution for charts in PHP and HTML

Are you looking for easy solution to create any charts on your website? There are plenty solutions which offers chart creation. You could try a new library which will help you to implement Google Chart API to your PHP project.
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