CSS stylesheets for tables

Setting up the appearance of tables on the website is often the most unpleasant part of the webdesigner’s work. I will be not far from the truth when say that most designers prepare only basic CSS for tables a forgot on the rest. I also don’t remember on I ever saw a graphic design in Photoshop, which would somehow foresaw the display tables.

It's quite a pity and it is "dangerous" too. At a time you create a table on the web without having examined the setting of its appearance the result may look disastrously. I mean various editorial systems using the cascading style sheets solves the basic layout and appearance article but not with the tables. When someone put a table using the administration you will see an awful set of cells which repels rather than attracts to read.

So do not forget on styling the tables as well as in the proposal of graphic design for your site. It will help you a lot. Preparing style sheets for tables for all the articles has the advantage you don’t need to playing with their design everytime you plan to publish an article.

For your inspiration and nice looking tables

Creating of cascading style sheets for the tables the most boring part of working on the website. Try using completed designs from the CSS Table Gallery website. It currently offers more the hundred different styles and skins for HTML tables. The best part of it is that everybody can immediately see the styles in the action and if it pleases him/her, download it.


Within the gallery you can obviously help others with your own styles. In this case you will get the backlink to your website, however with Google PageRank 0 currently.