Kuler: Create color schemes not only for the Web

Looking for consistent color profiles for your web site or other projects where you work with graphics? A selection of five colors may not be easy for everyone. A helpful hand is the online application called Kuler from Adobe.

Not everyone of us has a sufficiently developed sense of appropriate color combinations.  If you are trying to create a color palette to be used on your website, but still feel that something is somehow wrong about it, then letting Adobe Kuler analyze it might be the solution for you.

A prerequisite to view Adobe Kuler at kuler.adobe.com is that you need Adobe Flash 10 installed on your computer.  If you do not have the current version of Flash Player, install it first.  After that, you can go in creating color combinations, build color palettes from present images, or choose an already existing set of colors from the wide range of topics and palettes offered in Kuler.

Why does Kuler only offer five color combination?  Well, mostly because it is not a tool for creating color for print and one of the recipes on the perfectly harmonized color combination is simply temperance.  Five colors are just enough for most projects.

Choose just one color - the rest will be determined

If you do not have a logo or an upcoming website, then click Create From a Color.  The color range is selected by using the mouse, and Kuler will select the others.  You can specify the color by entering its color value using HSV, RGB, CMYK, or LAB. Most web colors use the HEX notation, such as # 0066CC.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler

Note the menu Select a Rule.  What you choose here will affect the final composition of colors.

Color palette based on your picture

To adjust the color palette based on a picture - for example, on an existing logo - then click Create | From an Image.  You can click Upload to upload an image from disk, but there are also links to Flickr.  Color palette selection depends on the mood in the menu Select a Mood.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler

There’s a part in Kuler called Themes, which offers a selection of the latest color palettes; the most popular, highest rated or completely random.  Simply click one of them and view it in the preview bar above.  If you want a slight adjust or copy their values, click Make changes to this theme, which will let you do this. You already know the environment of how to select the colors.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler

On the Web using Adobe Kuler, you will find many other attractions from the world of color.  Pulse under the evaluation of the most hidden colors for different places in the world.  If you are interested in color theory in detail, find tips under Links to other sites with information where you can read further on.

Adobe Kuler is a free application available online.  The same tool is now also integrated into the latest set of graphics programs from Adobe, their Creative Suite 4.