How to fix "Firefox is currently in offline mode"

From time to time you may see this error message within your Firefox: "Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the web." There is a few tips how to fix that.

How to save all pictures on page using Firefox 3+

From time to time almost everybody needs save more pictures from one page. There are several ways to do it – simply save all one by one, with download managers or you can use just functions provided by Firefox 3!

How to erase URL from Firefox history

The Firefox web browser remembers all pages you visit (except the Private Browsing). If you need to hide your activity from Firefox you will need to remove the history record selectively sometimes.

How to show date and time in Firefox history

Do you need to find any specific web page you have visited in the history and check the date and time of it? Firefox offers a sidebar with history browsing, but it doesn't offer the date and time information.

FoxTab: Switch pages in 3D for Firefox

FoxTab: Switch pages in 3D for Firefox
A lot of people praise the various extensions available for the Firefox web browser. Firefox is an invaluable tool for Internet enthusiasts and one of the most interesting accessories you can equip it with is the extension called FoxTab. Instead of the ordinary tab switching mechanism, you will be able to switch tabs using a modern 3D environment.

How to download from RapidShare automatically in Firefox?

How to download from RapidShare automatically in Firefox?
Do you download from RapidShare frequently? You surely know the annoying waiting queue because you can click the download link. There is a solution - set the links a forget it. All downloads will be done automatically.

Save Complete: better page saving for Firefox

Neither the latest version of Firefox 3 available has not the possibility of saving a complete web page. The biggest weakness of saving mechanism is overwhelming ignorance of CSS. Given that today practically every site uses CSS, saving the page without them is useless.
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