How to prevent Photoshop CS6 from reopening old files

How to prevent Photoshop CS6 from reopening old files
After some crashes of my OS X Mavericks the Photoshop CS6 opens old files after its start. Its a little bit annoying but the help from this is very easy.

CleVR: join panoramic photographs and share them online

CleVR: join panoramic photographs and share them online
There is an increasing number of tools that you can use to create panoramic photographs. If you are not satisfied with the results given by your photo manager or if your favorite program does not offer such function, try CleVR. It is free and it allows you to use the finished panoramas in your web site using the embed mark.

Quick and easy decorations of images

Quick and easy decorations of images
Do you have a website that regularly gets pictures uploaded to? Graphics is a pleasant and necessary complement to text, especially in an event such as writing a guide. Many of today's bloggers have their own idea of how images should look like; Someone just hastily crops images, while some else will carefully work on images, and a third will take screenshots using Windows clippings.

Cooliris (PicLens) for your website in 10 minutes

A few weeks ago I wrote about PicLens - nice 3D tool which ads a new dimension to your browsing experience and viewing website images. There are some small news and one important - anyone can enable his/her website for 3D viewing within 10 minutes. Check the article.

How to add arrow shape to the image?

From time to time I write a tutorial which would be better if I can provide some images and screenshots with shapes for better visual description. You surely know tutorials with images, boxes or arrow shapes. However I was surprised when I found that this simple function is missing in most of the image editors I use.

Deep Zoom introduction

In the summer this year Microsoft presented news in its Silverlight 2 technology. Microsoft also announced Deep Zoom. This technology is very interesting news which allows to download data to the web browser for viewing gigapixels images without the need of transfer large data blocks. High resolution photography, high DPI scanned documents, this all you can serve to your visitors for viewing in their browser. The users will download only necessary minimum of data.

PicLens: new dimension for your browsing

Have you tried PicLens already? You say not yet? So hurry up and install this interested web browser add-on as soon as possible. PicLens will turn your web browser into the 3D tool intended for viewing multimedia content of your favorite web pages. If you have Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari web browser and use Windows or Mac OS X operating system, then you will be able to install the PicLens.

TinEye: an unusual image search engine

Any big search engine contains an image search function. As an addition to the classical image search by keyword there is the newly available search of a picture’s copies or its various modifications. This service is offered by the new search engine called TinEye. It is currently at the beta stage.
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