Microsoft Web Platform Installer: a foolproof local web server with applications to be used in a few clicks

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Do you create web applications based on PHP or ASP.NET and do you need to test and modify them on your local computer before you launch them in the web environment? There are several solutions; one of the easiest ones is to use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer application. Don't be afraid, it does not offer solely MS technologies.

Speed Launch: An improved launcher from Microsoft Office Labs

Speed Launch: An improved launcher from Microsoft Office Labs
Microsoft operates a large number of projects designed to create new interesting applications for desktop and the web. Most often we hear about the projects from Microsoft Research. There is also a group of employees who operate the activity under the bran Microsoft Office Labs. One of their projects is Speed Launch, which is an interesting tool designed for running programs, documents and opening web pages or searching on the Internet faster.

Microsoft AutoCollage 2008: A program collaging photos

Microsoft AutoCollage 2008: A program collaging photos
Some interesting projects are emerging from Microsoft Research to my RSS reader every now and then. A few weeks ago an even more interesting program appeared: Microsoft AutoCollage 2008; designed to to create collages of your photographs. If you have some interesting photos from your holidays, just tell the program where they can be found and in a matter of seconds you will create a nice photo from the collage.

WSCC: A Graphical Interface for the Sysinternals Tools

WSCC: A Graphical Interface for the Sysinternals Tools
Do you know the programs in the software package Sysinternals Suite? It is a set of tools for administrators of the Windows operating system. The once well-known company Sysinternals was bought by Microsoft, but all their programs are still available free for download; either alone, or in one big package. The disadvantage of the programs is the lack of any graphical interface, which introduce problems when trying to find the wanted application.

QR Code, Microsoft Tag: say goodbye to the bar code

QR Code, Microsoft Tag: Does this mean goodbye to the bar code?
For some time we have been able to meet a new type of identifying mark that appear alongside the barcode, but also where the bar code never was to be repealed. Unless it is for demonstrating there’s more information that you can easily see with, for example, a special reader on your mobile phone if it’s equipped with a camera.

Microsoft Language Portal: do you understand IT terminology?

Microsoft came with several news in the last years and their presentation is as fast that I think that many of Microsoft's users don't understand what are the new terms about.

Video.Show: create your own videogallery on the web with ease

Video.Show: create your own videogallery on the web with ease
Would you like to create your own videogallery in less than 10 minutes? There is a solution with live streaming, user management, search engine and it is absolutely free!

Playing with Microsoft

As you maybe know, many developers have a strange humor sense. They laugh to the things which keep other people absolutely cold. Their jokes don’t find understanding by other people. The developers show us their joking work in their software. They create easter eggs or really waste functions in their applications. Many developers of this kind work for Microsoft as we can see in its software.

Dark future of Windows software

Do not worry, I don’t preach any problems with the development of applications for the most known operating system. However, I think that the future of these applications will be dark, black. I talk about the user interface of Windows software, of course. In this view, I have already more than year awareness about look of some software from Microsoft and Adobe or from other bigger and smaller software producers.

Windows 7 will support multi-touch

The forthcoming operating system from Microsoft, Windows Seven, will support multi-touch technology. In other words it will allow you touch the display and control the software using more than only one finger. Good example of this technology is iPhone - popular mobile phone from Apple.
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