How to download from RapidShare automatically in Firefox?

Do you download from RapidShare frequently? You surely know the annoying waiting queue because you can click the download link. There is a solution - set the links a forget it. All downloads will be done automatically.

There is a lot of free software intended to help with downloading the files from RapidShare file hosting service. Many of these programs use the default Internet Explorer engine if running in Windows operating system. But do you have any option if prefer Firefox or Linux operating system?

The answer is yes. You can download the RapidShare files comfortable, without waiting and confirming the download link. No matter if running the Linux or Windows. Just download the Firefox extension called RDown - RapidShare Downloader.

This simple extension doesn't need any settings, it just do its job. After the installation and Firefox' restart go to the Tools, RapidShare Downloader menu. Open some RapidShare pages, copy the links for downloading the files and paste these links to the RDown's window.

RDown - RapidShare Downloader for Firefox

RDown - RapidShare Downloader for Firefox

That's all. Click the Start button and do your other work. You don't have to wait until your download are ready. RDown will confirm the links for you and download all files to the default Firefox download folder.

A small note at the end. If you are interested in RDown extension and would like to download it from Firefox Extension website, you have to log in first. After that the Add to Firefox button will be enabled.