How to erase URL from Firefox history

The Firefox web browser remembers all pages you visit (except the Private Browsing). If you need to hide your activity from Firefox you will need to remove the history record selectively sometimes.

The history records can be deleted from Firefox using several ways. The first one could be this:

  1. Use the Ctrl+H shortcut. The History sidebar will appear.
  2. Find the website here and right click on it.
  3. The two useful functions are located at bottom of the context menu.
  4. Use the Delete This Page function to remove the selected page or Forget About This Site to completely remove all records about the website from the Firefox history.

Alternatively you can use the Bookmarks|Organize Bookmarks and remove the records from Firefox history via context menu here.

Another approach is using the Clear Recent History function.

  1. Click the Tools|Clear Recent History menu. The new window will appear.
  2. Click the Details option, select Browsing & Download History.
  3. Select Time range to clear from the select box.
  4. Click the Clean Now button.

The second way to clearing the history doesn't work with individual pages but with a complete history in a given time range. However I think it could be useful too if you need quickly remove the browsing history for a current day for example.