Taskbar Shuffle: change the order of taskbar buttons

Taskbar Shuffle: change the order of taskbar buttons
Do you think about how the changing of the taskbar button’s order could be useful for you? If you are using the Windows XP or Windows Vista you can’t change this order any way. You have one chance - install the special freeware utility Taskbar Shuffle.

Sizer: How to change the window’s width and height

Sizer: How to change the window’s width and height
If you are taking screenshots from various applications you would like to change their windows to some concrete dimensions. Is there any easy way in Windows how to do this easily? The answer is no. You have to use a special tool, a freeware Sizer for example.

Windows 7 style Quick Launch in Windows Vista

Windows 7 style Quick Launch in Windows Vista
In today’s short tutorial I will show you up how to change the Windows Vista taskbar and Quick Launch panel to have the Windows 7 style. It is very simple operation. You don’t have to afraid of registry editing. It is not necessary because all is done by a few clicks.

Templatr: How to create WordPress templates fast and easy

Templatr: How to create WordPress templates fast and easy
You have installed your WordPress powered blog and looking for some nice templates for this system. There are free plenty WordPress templates, but hey – try to build your own one. You don’t have to be a PHP guru or WordPress expert for it.

Automate Drupal modules installation

Automate Drupal modules installation
My favorite CMS Drupal lacks the automatic modules or themes installation support. When you use WordPress you can update the system using one click method. Drupal is version to version better, but the automatic updates are missing. However the semi-automatic solution is here.

How to open DOCX? Windows 7 WordPad is able to do it

Microsoft Office 2007 came with new file format for its main applications. Some people had start to using this OpenXML format, many people noticed difficulties with it. However there are several ways how to open the DOCX or XLSX. Moreover, Windows 7 comes with built-in ability for opening the DOCX files.

How to remove the Win32/Conficker worm

Win32/Conficker – currently the most discussed malware all over the world. If you didn’t secured your Windows PC yet, use the tools from this article. There are several freeware utilities to remove the Win32/Conficker worm.

How to build a contact form with Google Talk

Do you know Google? Yes, stupid question. Do you know Google Talk? I thinks many of you know this instant messenger, however I don’t know how many of you use it daily. But if you are Google fans, you can build a contact form on your website using the Google Talk code.

Top 10 Drupal timesavers

If you would like to build a professional web, you need a content management system. I hope that many of Maxiorel.com readers know CMS Drupal. But do you know useful time saving modules for Drupal?

Web Slices, Internet Explorer 8 and Drupal

As you probably know, the new Internet Explorer 8 will support new web parts called Web Slices. These can be added to the toolbar and work as an alternative to RSS feeds on your website.

Colour Picker: colors selection fast and easy

For today's article I choose another application from Microsoft, respectively from the Microsoft Live Labs. It is again a simple tool that will help you at work on your Windows powered computer.

MobaLiveCD: how to run Linux in Windows

If you are a Windows user and would like to try any of the Linux distributions and find yourself why is the Linux so great that many people praising him up to the heaven, then you have several options – most of them are not very comfortable. However, there is a solution you will like. MobaLiveCD.

GChart and Google Chart API: easy solution for charts in PHP and HTML

Are you looking for easy solution to create any charts on your website? There are plenty solutions which offers chart creation. You could try a new library which will help you to implement Google Chart API to your PHP project.

Microsoft Language Portal: do you understand IT terminology?

Microsoft came with several news in the last years and their presentation is as fast that I think that many of Microsoft's users don't understand what are the new terms about.

Free and full Red Alert in Windows Vista (and in VMware)

For the last year I don't have enough time for computer games because I spend most of the time at the computer with writing articles for my websites, working with Drupal or looking for good writers. But a few days before I noticed, that the EA released the realtime strategy Red Alert for free.


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