Quick and easy decorations of images

Do you have a website that regularly gets pictures uploaded to? Graphics is a pleasant and necessary complement to text, especially in an event such as writing a guide. Many of today's bloggers have their own idea of how images should look like; Someone just hastily crops images, while some else will carefully work on images, and a third will take screenshots using Windows clippings.

Here I will introduce you to screenshots for various types of decorations and photographs. This program is a simple tool that uses a highly expressive title Decoration.  It is written in Java and therefore is requiring the installation of the respective libraries.  Decoration can be downloaded to your computer, but you can also use it online.

Similar programs have one disadvantage; It does one specific thing perfectly, but does not manage other functions that can be seen as unnecessary functions.  A batch of image frames or the addition of shadows will be done perfectly in Photoshop, but in many cases this is like going on the bird with a cannon.

Decorating with Decoration

No matter whether you run the program from your computer or from the web browser, you must first retrieve the file you want to edit.  Decoration supports uploading files from your computer, website, or from the Flickr service. You can of course add several files to the queue of selected decorations, and Decoration will then collectively apply everything to them.



Online version of Decoration

Use Decoration to add decorations such as text effects, transparency, mirroring, changing illumination, distortions, change size, rotations, textures or extrusion.  The effects you arrange can put yourself up with an interesting combination.

During effects preparing, you can see the effects on the model or the currently selected image to change its appearance after the application has prepared its decorations.  Click the Start button to start the ready-done effects, and the resulting images will be copied into your chosen destination folder.



Some sample decorations

No need to wait for upload

Given that the Java application runs while in the browser you will not have to worry about lengthy load files and sending them somewhere on the server. Likewise, you do not have to worry about overwriting any existing files. What you only need to take care of is the option that determines the amount compression applied to the saved images.

Decoration is simple program which may be used by anyone, but its target is definitely the bloggers.  If you do not have the photo manager with the prepared batch operations for images, using Decoration will be a very good substitute. Of course, the decorations prepared in batch mode for Decoration can be saved and later re-used without having to set all options again.

This article was translated from its Czech version available at Dekorace obrázků snadno a rychle.