Google Wave introduction

Google, it has long been not a word that is synonymous with the flagship search engine. But also for a wide range of ever-expanding services. Some of them are even so good that I do visit them from my mobile hand held Now you have some time to talk about other forthcoming services. It bears the name Google Wave.

Official preview page Google Wave is located at and summarizes the forthcoming product in the following brief characterization: "Wave the new Google tool used for web communication and collaboration, which will appear before the end of this year. Directly on the site can be used as a Developer Preview I / O 2009 (80 minutes) and look into a few other interesting points, namely it is a listing of properties, the program will actually be able to. Also available are the types of developers to help with how Google Wave incorporated into your site and not to deal with the API. The service can be found here as well as the Build section, which describes the open protocol, which is obviously open so anyone can use.

What is Google Wave?

We will be primarily interested in what Google Wave is and what it looks like. According to Google's own words, Google Wave will be an entirely new model for communication and collaboration, all in a web environment. Although the full version will be appearing later in the course of this year, we can now however preview the most key features now.

Wave Revolution Google is already in the concept and the concept of the entire document - "wave" (wave) is the equally IM conversation as the document! All participants will be able to communicate and cooperate together in one rich-text-text document, which will be in addition to any formatting, add images, videos, maps and other "live" elements.

Sharing and instant preview

The entire philosophy rests on the wave-sharing. Any party to the debate will be able to respond to any part of the conversation. It also will be able to edit content anywhere and add more participants. Fortunately, there will be even Playback function, which will ensure that all the previous conversation are shown to the candidate in a reasonably readable form.

Another, equally significant feature of the Google wave service, is of course the strictly in-live mode. I mean, if you have a sufficiently fast connection (this would now not be a problem even on mobile, etc.), you'll see any changes in the documents / conversations in real time - edit text, interaction with the elements, etc.

With regard to key technologies on which Google built, this is the first Google cited cooperation in real time. It will be that all work on the wave with the element that is interested in real time. and still more people at once.

Corrections to typos and extensibility

The second key technology on which the success of Google is to become of their wave service, see Google promote languages and make corrections of errors in spelling. Of course it will be server-based solutions.

All good practice programs, including Google wave will be very helpful to expand the applications to the third party vendors. Those carefully chosen by the Google API and Wave operative suggesting that Google would like to see Google Wave be available and work on other sites. a variety of social sites perhaps. etc.

Google Wave

Google Wave

The reason for the early publication of the API is to be prepared, and to smoothly allow for the business community to prepare for the product - when the Google wave appears with it, we will already be able to cooperate fully.

Google will open-source wave

As in the case of a mobile operating system Android, Google Chrome and many other Google products and services to the company decided to release this project as a complete open source. The primary objective of a similar nature, of course, is to attract the same group of people, as made it to the android.

Google Wave

Google Wave

If you Google Wave interested and wish to be informed of its final version, then register at the above link your email address. Google in relation to the date of implementation had heard that at least a few months the product will be at the stage of "development preview".

The goal for each Google Wave fall to weaken the position of companies such as AOL, Microsoft, ICQ and many others, all in favor of new technologies and tools. It is 100% likely to expect to have other products that imitate Google wave. Google, incidentally, won the Wave and received some decent responses ever since its first preview - the audience was livelier than the series android products ...

And finally left, than to ask how successful it may be a similar product?Maybe it's a surprising view, but it is likely that very decently - now spends programmers, graphic, project managers and other team members most of the time of the programs for managing projects and the Instant Messaging client of any type. Join the conversation tasks into one publicly accessible interactive wave may prove the right step towards improving the efficiency and rationality.

Google Wave is a nice universal tool. Will the same people from the IT industry, as engineers or doctors. And as history taught us, in the fight for the customer is a universal high card. Also, perhaps again the importance of browsers with similar products is a higher chance (as it would still be possible ...).So, summary and underlined, in our view the potential for success and to revolutionize IM traffic is definite.