Windows 7 will support multi-touch

The forthcoming operating system from Microsoft, Windows Seven, will support multi-touch technology. In other words it will allow you touch the display and control the software using more than only one finger. Good example of this technology is iPhone - popular mobile phone from Apple.

The multi-touch support brings the potential for many new, user-friendly applications. The following video shows how the multi-touch will work - enlarging the image with two fingers, playing piano on the screen with both hand and other cool things.

What further will we find in Windows 7? Finally, perhaps we will find WinFS file system (probably under a different name). Default file manager Windows Explorer will have again revised user interface. The designers are the same as worked on MS Office 2007.

If you are more interested in Windows Seven future and features, then read an interview with the head of Windows development, Steven Sinofsky, in an article Windows chief talks '7 ' on Cnet.