Dark future of Windows software

Do not worry, I don’t preach any problems with the development of applications for the most known operating system. However, I think that the future of these applications will be dark, black. I talk about the user interface of Windows software, of course. In this view, I have already more than year awareness about look of some software from Microsoft and Adobe or from other bigger and smaller software producers.

TinEye: an unusual image search engine

Any big search engine contains an image search function. As an addition to the classical image search by keyword there is the newly available search of a picture’s copies or its various modifications. This service is offered by the new search engine called TinEye. It is currently at the beta stage.

Not well known CSS techniques

Without CSS style sheets we can't build a modern web today. However, are you familiar with CSS enough to use its maximum possibility? Or just copy a few rows of styles from your first successful website? There are some tips that may help you or may be interesting for you.

Windows 7 will support multi-touch

The forthcoming operating system from Microsoft, Windows Seven, will support multi-touch technology. In other words it will allow you touch the display and control the software using more than only one finger. Good example of this technology is iPhone - popular mobile phone from Apple.

CSS stylesheets for tables

Setting up the appearance of tables on the website is often the most unpleasant part of the webdesigner’s work. I will be not far from the truth when say that most designers prepare only basic CSS for tables a forgot on the rest. I also don’t remember on I ever saw a graphic design in Photoshop, which would somehow foresaw the display tables.


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