music search engine

Are you a music fan and often search for the songs or lyrics on the net? Then you probably know some music search engines. However I think that many people use the Google or any other classic search engine. Because it is not the right solution, I have a tip for you - have you tried already?

If you are looking for the music, songs and lyrics, you can go to many specialized websites. You can use the search engines like Google and search for lyrics for a concrete song. However if you would like to find a complete song and download it for free, the classic search engine will not help you. Yes, there is the YouTube where you can find many songs together with their videos, however this is not ideal. And this situation is where the could help you.

Point your browser to the You will see simple search box. Put the song name or artist here and click the Search button.

After a while this music search engine will show you up a list of songs founded. You can listen them immediately, or add the selected songs to your playlist and listen it later. Moreover, there is a option to embed the song to your blog and you can download your favorite song too. Register for free and use this options at their maximum.

How to search for song lyrics? music search engine could help you with finding the lyrics for your favorite songs. Go to its homepage and click the Lyrics search link in the left. Put the song name and search for it. will show you a list similar to the founded songs.

Select one the founded results and click on it or use the View link. will show the lyrics for your song immediately. music search engine is very fast and easy online tool. I was impressed how quickly I can find some not well known songs using it.