Video.Show: create your own videogallery on the web with ease

Video.Show: create your own videogallery on the web with ease
Would you like to create your own videogallery in less than 10 minutes? There is a solution with live streaming, user management, search engine and it is absolutely free!

Cooliris (PicLens) for your website in 10 minutes

A few weeks ago I wrote about PicLens - nice 3D tool which ads a new dimension to your browsing experience and viewing website images. There are some small news and one important - anyone can enable his/her website for 3D viewing within 10 minutes. Check the article.

Save Complete: better page saving for Firefox

Neither the latest version of Firefox 3 available has not the possibility of saving a complete web page. The biggest weakness of saving mechanism is overwhelming ignorance of CSS. Given that today practically every site uses CSS, saving the page without them is useless.

Desktops 1.0: virtual desktop manager from Microsoft is here

I think that many Windows users looks at Linux desktops and would like to have a nice, fast multiple desktop switcher and manager too. This is one of many feature missing in Windows and working in Linux desktops for several years.

How to add arrow shape to the image?

From time to time I write a tutorial which would be better if I can provide some images and screenshots with shapes for better visual description. You surely know tutorials with images, boxes or arrow shapes. However I was surprised when I found that this simple function is missing in most of the image editors I use. music search engine

Are you a music fan and often search for the songs or lyrics on the net? Then you probably know some music search engines. However I think that many people use the Google or any other classic search engine. Because it is not the right solution, I have a tip for you - have you tried already?

Web operating systems: are they usable already?

It seems that the Internet connection is almost anywhere and its speed is good enough. So we can work with online applications in very comfortable way. Web applications have many pros. The main is that they are available from anywhere; you need only a computer and web browser. There is a very interested idea - I mean several projects I called web operating systems.

BigDump: how to import large data to MySQL online

When you migrate your website from localhost to the live server in Internet, you probably have to solve one big (well, not so) problem. This problem is phpMyAdmin file size limit for importing large SQL dump scripts. Yes, you can try to edit your php.ini and allow bigger size for uploading files and extend the limit for script execution. However this doesn't help every time. And the another thing. When you move your live website and have 100 MB or more SQL dump, the phpMyAdmin is not useable. But, don't worry, there is a free solution which helps.

Deep Zoom introduction

In the summer this year Microsoft presented news in its Silverlight 2 technology. Microsoft also announced Deep Zoom. This technology is very interesting news which allows to download data to the web browser for viewing gigapixels images without the need of transfer large data blocks. High resolution photography, high DPI scanned documents, this all you can serve to your visitors for viewing in their browser. The users will download only necessary minimum of data.

PicLens: new dimension for your browsing

Have you tried PicLens already? You say not yet? So hurry up and install this interested web browser add-on as soon as possible. PicLens will turn your web browser into the 3D tool intended for viewing multimedia content of your favorite web pages. If you have Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari web browser and use Windows or Mac OS X operating system, then you will be able to install the PicLens. free online PDF converter

Adobe recently launched its new tool for creating and free conversion of DOC and other document formats to the PDF. This tool is a part of new online service, If you don't have enough money for Adobe Acrobat 9 and would like to use Adobe's solution for creating PDF, than try the free and its client desktop application.

CD and DVD burning freeware – July 2008

Articles about freeware burning utilities are the most popular among several websites. I decided to refresh my older Czech article about freeware burning software and bring it to the non-czech readers too. There are many useful freeware utilities for burning CD/DVD or Blu-ray discs. These utilities offer all needed functionality.

Playing with Microsoft

As you maybe know, many developers have a strange humor sense. They laugh to the things which keep other people absolutely cold. Their jokes don’t find understanding by other people. The developers show us their joking work in their software. They create easter eggs or really waste functions in their applications. Many developers of this kind work for Microsoft as we can see in its software.

Fixing CSS problems in Internet Explorer (5.5, 6, 7, 8)

Creating the same look of web pages in various web browsers and different version of them is like a nightmare. We have to test the webpage in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and more and more often in the Safari browser. There are a few web browsers for Linux too. The biggest problem is to test and fix css problems in Internet Explorer, because different versions of this browser feature different css rendering.

Microsoft Expression Web 2 as PHP editor for FTP client

So far, relatively new web page editor Microsoft Expression Web 2 offers in its second version the basic support for editing of PHP scripts. I consider it a very successful tool for web designer/CSS coders. It is much better than the madness called FrontPage. It is not starting much slower than the popular editor PSPad, so I decided to use Expression Web 2 for editing the files directly on FTP.


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