Microsoft Language Portal: do you understand IT terminology?

Microsoft came with several news in the last years and their presentation is as fast that I think that many of Microsoft's users don't understand what are the new terms about.

There are things like gadgets, mashups, Deep Zoom and so. If you are a beginner or would like to know, what these are about, point your browser to the Microsoft Language Portal. This website has a dictionary and will translate the English IT terms to many languages. There is their explanation too, which might be useful.

So go to the Microsoft Language Portal and provide a term to the search box. Click the Search button and wait for a while.

After the page is loaded you will see the list of terms, their translation and explanation.

I think that Microsoft Language Portal is very useful tool. It could help to beginners and writers too. If you are non-English writing man/woman, you can use it to be sure that you are using the right translation for your language.