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Are you a music fan and often search for the songs or lyrics on the net? Then you probably know some music search engines. However I think that many people use the Google or any other classic search engine. Because it is not the right solution, I have a tip for you - have you tried already?

Web operating systems: are they usable already?

It seems that the Internet connection is almost anywhere and its speed is good enough. So we can work with online applications in very comfortable way. Web applications have many pros. The main is that they are available from anywhere; you need only a computer and web browser. There is a very interested idea - I mean several projects I called web operating systems.

PicLens: new dimension for your browsing

Have you tried PicLens already? You say not yet? So hurry up and install this interested web browser add-on as soon as possible. PicLens will turn your web browser into the 3D tool intended for viewing multimedia content of your favorite web pages. If you have Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari web browser and use Windows or Mac OS X operating system, then you will be able to install the PicLens. free online PDF converter

Adobe recently launched its new tool for creating and free conversion of DOC and other document formats to the PDF. This tool is a part of new online service, If you don't have enough money for Adobe Acrobat 9 and would like to use Adobe's solution for creating PDF, than try the free and its client desktop application.

CD and DVD burning freeware – July 2008

Articles about freeware burning utilities are the most popular among several websites. I decided to refresh my older Czech article about freeware burning software and bring it to the non-czech readers too. There are many useful freeware utilities for burning CD/DVD or Blu-ray discs. These utilities offer all needed functionality.

Playing with Microsoft

As you maybe know, many developers have a strange humor sense. They laugh to the things which keep other people absolutely cold. Their jokes don’t find understanding by other people. The developers show us their joking work in their software. They create easter eggs or really waste functions in their applications. Many developers of this kind work for Microsoft as we can see in its software.

Dark future of Windows software

Do not worry, I don’t preach any problems with the development of applications for the most known operating system. However, I think that the future of these applications will be dark, black. I talk about the user interface of Windows software, of course. In this view, I have already more than year awareness about look of some software from Microsoft and Adobe or from other bigger and smaller software producers.

TinEye: an unusual image search engine

Any big search engine contains an image search function. As an addition to the classical image search by keyword there is the newly available search of a picture’s copies or its various modifications. This service is offered by the new search engine called TinEye. It is currently at the beta stage.


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