Vim: A Programmer's Editor

Vim: A Programmer's Editor
If you've worked with Microsoft Word, you're familiar with the same basic pattern: type some text via keyboard, copy and paste with the mouse, type more text, move the cursor back a paragraph with the mouse, type yet more text, spell check using the mouse on the main menu etc.

Python: An Introduction to Programming with ActivePython

Python: An Introduction to Programming with ActivePython
Do you ever wonder how your web browser magically displays web pages? Or how Google miraculously returns millions of search results in a fraction of a second? It all boils down to efficient code.

jQuery: Simplified JavaScript

jQuery: Simplified JavaScript
For many developers, manipulating an HTML document by using JavaScript and the DOM (document object model) can seem like a pain in the neck. It takes a lot of raw JavaScript just to make a web page do a trivial trick that might have left an impression back in the early days of the web but nowadays looks commonplace and tired. If you want to make your web pages act and move like desktop applications, then it's hard to avoid using JavaScript.

Dreamweaver Template Management

Dreamweaver Template Management
Adobe's Dreamweaver is a fantastic web development application. It simplifies and streamlines a lot of the coding so that a web developer does not have to reinvent the wheel each time they create a new website. Dreamweaver also has a handy template management tool that makes it easy to update an entire website just by editing the template.

Drupal, multisite installation and HostGator step by step

Drupal, multisite installation and HostGator step by step
A multisite Drupal installation is an installation where a single folder with the Drupal core and modules is used to run several web sites. We will show you now how to create a main web site with subdomains and common login this way.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer: a foolproof local web server with applications to be used in a few clicks

Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Do you create web applications based on PHP or ASP.NET and do you need to test and modify them on your local computer before you launch them in the web environment? There are several solutions; one of the easiest ones is to use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer application. Don't be afraid, it does not offer solely MS technologies.

How to build a contact form with Google Talk

Do you know Google? Yes, stupid question. Do you know Google Talk? I thinks many of you know this instant messenger, however I don’t know how many of you use it daily. But if you are Google fans, you can build a contact form on your website using the Google Talk code.

Top 10 Drupal timesavers

If you would like to build a professional web, you need a content management system. I hope that many of readers know CMS Drupal. But do you know useful time saving modules for Drupal?

Web Slices, Internet Explorer 8 and Drupal

As you probably know, the new Internet Explorer 8 will support new web parts called Web Slices. These can be added to the toolbar and work as an alternative to RSS feeds on your website.

GChart and Google Chart API: easy solution for charts in PHP and HTML

Are you looking for easy solution to create any charts on your website? There are plenty solutions which offers chart creation. You could try a new library which will help you to implement Google Chart API to your PHP project.

Video.Show: create your own videogallery on the web with ease

Video.Show: create your own videogallery on the web with ease
Would you like to create your own videogallery in less than 10 minutes? There is a solution with live streaming, user management, search engine and it is absolutely free!

Cooliris (PicLens) for your website in 10 minutes

A few weeks ago I wrote about PicLens - nice 3D tool which ads a new dimension to your browsing experience and viewing website images. There are some small news and one important - anyone can enable his/her website for 3D viewing within 10 minutes. Check the article.

BigDump: how to import large data to MySQL online

When you migrate your website from localhost to the live server in Internet, you probably have to solve one big (well, not so) problem. This problem is phpMyAdmin file size limit for importing large SQL dump scripts. Yes, you can try to edit your php.ini and allow bigger size for uploading files and extend the limit for script execution. However this doesn't help every time. And the another thing. When you move your live website and have 100 MB or more SQL dump, the phpMyAdmin is not useable. But, don't worry, there is a free solution which helps.

Deep Zoom introduction

In the summer this year Microsoft presented news in its Silverlight 2 technology. Microsoft also announced Deep Zoom. This technology is very interesting news which allows to download data to the web browser for viewing gigapixels images without the need of transfer large data blocks. High resolution photography, high DPI scanned documents, this all you can serve to your visitors for viewing in their browser. The users will download only necessary minimum of data.

Fixing CSS problems in Internet Explorer (5.5, 6, 7, 8)

Creating the same look of web pages in various web browsers and different version of them is like a nightmare. We have to test the webpage in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and more and more often in the Safari browser. There are a few web browsers for Linux too. The biggest problem is to test and fix css problems in Internet Explorer, because different versions of this browser feature different css rendering.


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